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a  14 Jun 2018 En dashes are longer than a hyphen, but half the length of the em dash. En dashes connect continuing numbers, such as dates, times and pages. Use a dash [ — ] (or two hyphens [ -- ] on old-fashioned typewriters) or dashes as a super-comma or set of super-commas to set off parenthetical elements,  15 Aug 2011 Indentation or Space After a Paragraph? · Indentation Indent the first line of a new paragraph about 1 em (if your font size is 12px , then that would  The hyphen is basically to join two words together, as in 'half-way'.

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(även om tecken för avstavning) ("also, the punctuation mark used to divide dash. Övrig: dash  1. short dash, short line used to connect or separate words or syllables (-). rate, 2. hyphenate, connect with a hyphen, divide with a hyphen. rate, 3.

While an acronym is formed from a phrase, a backronym (or bacronym) is a word that is supposed to come from a  almost all of them punctuation problems or graphical problems. related to signs such as dashes, quotation marks, and space signs.

tre gånger in Swedish translates to three times in English - see

Some examples of double-barrelled names are: Forenames: Anne-Marie, Annie-May, James-Lee. Surnames: Harding-Rolls, Bailey-Ray, Moore-Towers.

Hyphen vs dash

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Some of these use unspaced double hyphens instead of the en or em dash as sentence-level punctuation, so either you have to replace all such double-dashes  Keď sa ma zima pýta, čo som robila v lete, väčšinou trápne habkám čosi o piatich zavarených pohároch Here's When to Use a Hyphen Versus a Dash. Dah v bindetreck treck och bindetreck är olika kiljetecken om har må raka linjer, vilket gör det vårt att kilja mellan dea två olika former av kiljetecken. För en  dash från engelska till portugisiska. (colloquial) A hyphen or minus sign. (transitive, dated) To mix, reduce, or adulterate, by throwing in something of an  Between the birth date and the birth number there is a hyphen (-).

The typical computer keyboard lacks a dedicated key for the en dash, though most word processors provide a means for its insertion.
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Hyphen vs dash

[…] Q. What is the difference in usage between an em dash and an en dash? A. I will try to condense the various bits of information scattered throughout CMOS.First of all, there are three lengths of what are all more or less dashes: hyphen (-), en dash (–), and em dash (—).

A hyphen joins two or more words together, such as double-barrelled names or compound words. There is no space between the hyphen and the words it is joining.
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• Hyphen is smaller than a dash. • Hyphen is used to break up words or to join different words to make compound words. • There are two different dashes, the em-dash and the en-dash. • Em-dash is double the length of en-dash and is used without spacing on either sides unlike in en-dash that requires spacing on both ends.

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These hyphens are added and removed automatically by the automatic hyphenation in your word processor or web browser. Some multipart words are spelled  31 Dec 2020 Dashes and hyphens. (a). Dashes. Short (or 'en') dashes may be used to punctuate a sentence instead of commas  18 Sep 2019 ELLIPSES vs.

Hyphens join words together and dashes indicate range. But that’s just the beginning. If you really want to keep these lines straight, read on. 2012-09-11 Note that a hyphen never has spaces on either side. There is a lot of debate and confusion regarding which words can be hyphenated, and also some more advanced rules that can by found on the hyphen page. The Dash.